“We guarantee to find a tenant in two weeks or your first month is free!”

~ Erin Kvist, Co-Owner

What We Offer:

  • Low Monthly Fees

    We have two property management plans to choose from.

  • The #1 Way to Protect Your Investment

    We complete two interior inspections of your property during the term of the lease…FREE.

  • 3 Month Tenant Guarantee

    If any tenant placed using our services terminates the lease within three months; your next tenant is free.

Need a Property Manager?

Why should Mosaic Properties be your Tempe Property Manager?

Property Management Tempe AZ

We love Tempe Property Management. Tempe, AZ separates the rest of the East Valley from the main city of Phoenix, giving the northern part of the city a fairly dense urbanized development with a growing skyline.  As you head south the city morphs into a less dense community focused on single family homes, strip malls and office parks.

Mosaic Properties is an established property management company who has been managing Tempe, AZ rental property since 2006.  Managing property types ranging from condos geared towards the young professional in the Tempe Town Lake area to student rentals for nearby Arizona State University to single family homes for growing families.  We have done it all and gained the experience necessary to successfully manage a portfolio or rental property in one of Arizona’s most complex cities.

Property Maintenance can become one of your biggest expenses for rental property in Tempe, AZ.  The age of homes in the city varies from homes built in the 1960’s to brand new homes built this year.  No matter how great a tenant, maintenance issues will arise and it’s how you respond to those issues that will affect your tenant retention the most.  Trust your expert in Tempe Property Management to handle all of those concerns for you.

About Tempe, Arizona

From Arizona State University to Tempe Town Lake, there’s surely no shortage of cool sites and activities in the area. In fact, Tempe Town Lake is one of the more unique landmarks because it is, in fact, a great lake in the middle of a city right in the middle of the desert! The site of various events throughout the year, such as the Tempe Town Lake Festival, the Lake is one of the most popular landmarks in the area. Along with Sun Devil Stadium, Mill Ave., Tempe Beach Park and Tempe Center for the Arts, you’ll find a new multi-building complex which houses several established and up and coming businesses.    

Tempe is the home of one Fortune 500 company; Insight Enterprises, as well as Fulton Homes, Mobile Mini, First Solar, LifeLock and Salt River Project who employs over 4300 people.  Tempe is a great place to live, work and play.  With the growth and opportunities the city has, it is also a great place to invest in a rental property.

There are also the Four Peaks Brewery, the Tempe Center for the Arts, the House of Tricks, and “A” Mountain. Enjoy a beer, see a show, indulge in some delicious food, and take a gorgeous hike (respectively!) in these locations. Tempe is full of great things to see, and these landmarks are just the tip of the iceberg.

Mosaic Properties commitment to ethical and effective property management is why we should be your Tempe Property Management Company. With our comprehensive services, experienced and dedicated staff, Mosaic Properties handles all aspects of being a landlord for our clients.

Sun Devil Stadium, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. Photo by Ken Lund.
Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium (Tempe, Arizona). Photo by k/mc.

History of Tempe, AZ

The Tempe City area was first settled by Hispanic families from Southern Arizona. These families are known to be some of the first to help construct the first two irrigation canals in the area, the Kirkland-McKinney Ditch, and the San Francisco Canal.

These same settlers also started small farms and, in 1872, founded a town called San Pablo just east of Tempe Butte. To the west of Tempe Butte was Hayden’s Ferry, named after Charles Trumbull Hayden who was the owner of a mercantile and freighting business. Over time, these two settlements became one community, soon known as Tempe in 1879. The name “Tempe” was reportedly given by “Lord” Darrel Duppa, an Englishman who helped establish the nearby city of Phoenix, because the butte, the river, and the surrounding green fields reminded him “of the Vale of Tempe in Ancient Greece.”

To learn the full history of this lush city, read more here.

Visiting Tempe, AZ?

Make sure to check out Tempe Marketplace.  Creating a vibrant and interactive experience, Tempe Marketplace has shopping, dining and entertainment in an outdoor setting. Water features, laser elements and outdoor fireplaces make it a great evening experience as well.  

2000 E. Rio Salado Pkwy.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Located at Loop 101 & 202

What our Clients Have to Say:

“I use this company to manage my house in Tempe. They handle all the facets of management. Erin was great when she looked at my house and helped me every step of the way. They made it painless and easy to rent my house….so much so, my brother rents out one of his houses and uses them for management. He had an issue, but Erin came to the rescue and solved the problem. Now he’s has the same happy owner that I am!”

Dusty B.  Tempe, AZ

“After a year of trying to rent my property in Arizona I decided to go with Mosaic Properties. They had the best pricing and the owners of this agency came with HIGH regards from fellow co-workers who use the same agency.  My property manager, Charles helps me work out the logistics of being an owner out of state. He keeps in touch with me so I know what is going on with potential renters and assists me in working out the next steps to get it rented smoothly.”

Catherine V.  Tempe, AZ