Preventative Maintenance Package

Avoid costly repairs that could've been prevented.

Rental Property Preventative Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Mosaic Properties is offering a preventative maintenance program to all of our clients. Enjoy peace of mind that your home is getting the basic necessities, whether occupied or vacant, and we will have a representative INSIDE your home frequently and will report any areas of concern.

Preventative Maintenance Package Includes:

Mosaic Properties will provide Owner with a completed inspection checklist and photos of areas of concern following each inspection. Beginning 3 months from tenant occupancy, Mosaic Properties will visit the home every 3 months and complete the following:

• General inspection of home Interior/Exterior

• Check A/C Filters and replace as needed

• Replace Smoke Detector Batteries as needed

• Replace missing/damaged Door Stops/Plates

• Test GFCI receptacles

• Garage Opener safety features inspection

• Inspect/test main shutoff valves

• Interior/Exterior inspection for termite trails

• Check all plumbing for leaks

• Landscape Monitoring

• Visually inspect A/C condensation line

• Inspect & test pool safety equipment

• Inspect above ground pool equipment for leaks

• Inspect & test sprinkler system – replace missing heads and timer battery

• Inspect & test all drains and drain stoppers

• Verify garage to house door auto closes and seals (per code)

Only $75 Quarterly – Includes all parts and labor.

First billing begins at tenant occupancy. The plan will automatically renew at tenant renewal or new lease start unless 30 days prior written notice is provided by Owner.

If you are interested in this service for your property please call your property manager or contact us today: