Landlord Rescue

Mosaic Properties is here to save the day!

Landlord Eviction Notice Services

You haven’t received rent in months, your property may be trashed, and you haven’t had to deal with this ever before. What do you do?

An eviction can be very expensive, very tedious, and can carry huge liability when dealing with legal issues. Mosaic Properties has extensive experience in “rescuing” landlords from tenants who aren’t paying their rent and/or maintaining your property.

To put you back in control, we will do the following:

  • Send notices to vacate and begin the eviction process
  • Facilitate Eviction process with attorney at owner expense
  • Attend writ execution with Sheriff
  • Complete thorough inspection and evaluation of the property once vacant
  • Clean up the property and get it Rent Ready at owner expense
  • Advertise the property for rent
  • Screen applicants, present to owner
  • Place a new tenant in the home
  • Offer Eviction Protection Plan for new tenants.

Landlord Rescue costs a flat fee of $300 plus eviction expenses if it becomes necessary.

This includes all time and travel costs incurred by Mosaic Properties. After a management agreement is signed, we will initiate Landlord Rescue and pursue collections from a non-paying tenant, or start the eviction process.

If you are interested in this service for your property please call your property manager or contact us today: